16mm (5/8"") Ice Standard Polycarbonate Sheets

Polygal's 16mm (5/8"") Ice Standard Polycarbonate Sheets combine endless design possibilities with many important advantages:

Polygal Standard Sheets feature a UV protective layer to protect against yellowing, and are covered by a 10 Year Warranty against breakage and yellowing (6 mm and higher).


Technical Specifications :

Weight kg/m2 (lb/ft2) 2.7 (0.55)
Standard Width mm (inches) 980, 1050, 1200, 1250, 2100
Minimum Radius for Cold Bending Arches m (ft) 2.8 (9' 2")
U-Value by ASTM C177 Watt/m2.0C (Btu/h.ft2.0F) 2.3 (0.41)

Optical Specification :

Color Ice
Light Transmission %, 90o to surface by ASTM D1003 32
Shading Coefficient SC 0.56
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient SHGC 0.48
Solar Reflectance R sol 0.373
Visible Transmission T vis 0.405