Service Commitment

Polygal is dedicated to supplying the highest quality products that will meet its customers' needs, and to applying its industrial capacity, know-how and spirit of innovation towards preserving the company's competitive edge in the Polycarbonate and Polypropylene structured sheet markets.

For Polygal, top product quality is an important strategic advantage. Attention to detail is invested at every stage - from selection of the highest-quality raw materials to inspection of finished products before delivery - to ensure full customer satisfaction.

Polygal's expertise in Polycarbonate applications is matched by a deep understanding of the needs of the architectural and agricultural sectors. With this background, Polygal has developed a wide range of innovative products, and confirmed its position as an innovator in the Polycarbonate sheeting industry.

Polygal's concern over environmental issues is reflected in the design of its energy-saving products, as well as its own operational procedures. In 1998, Polygal voluntarily adopted the ISO-14001 Environmental Management guidelines to ensure systematic application of sound environmental practices.