Techincal Support

Planning and construction using Polygal sheets has never been easier. Architects, planners and builders are invited to contact Polygal's Technical Support Department with their project designs.


Polygal's Technial Support team offers worldwide technical support services and assistance in project planning, including on-site visits. Technical support can be provided in English.

Architects and designers are invited to send their building plans to Polygal. The Design Services Department will supply them with computerized drawings showing how to implement Polygal products into their designs.

To make it easier for architects and designers to integrate Polygal products into their designs, Polygal has prepared an AutoCAD library of drawings of Polygal products and details. This library can be downloaded from this site, or delivered on CD-ROM to qualified architects and designers. Polygal's Design Services Department is headed by a certified architect with over 15 years experience in building design.

Appreciate the Quality...

Polygal offers boxed sample sets of its Polycarbonate sheet products. With a sample in hand, it is easier to appreciate the unique qualities of each sheet, and the wide range of products that Polygal offers. Confirmation through samples before placing an order also ensures that the customer receives the right product.

Polygal sample sets are also available to eligible customers.

Structural Engineers

Polygal offers structural engineers dedicated assistance with planning pitched roofs, arched roofs and purlin support using Polygal products. Contact the Technical Support Department at Polygal with your application and we guarantee that our team of architects and engineers will provide you with the best possible solution.

Building Professionals

Polygal offers training programs in planning and construction using Polygal products to architectural offices, building organizations as well as Polygal distributors and sales staff.

Training programs are conducted by a senior lecturer using a specially designed multimedia presentation. The multimedia presentation can also be used for independent training. To arrange for a training program or use of the multimedia presentation, contact Polygal's technical support department.

Pre-sale and After-sale Support

Pre-sale - Polygal provides technical information free of charge to support designers and building professionals to determine the correct products, support systems and general building details they need for applications using Polygal products. Prices and payment conditions are provided in coordination with the relevant local distributors and agents.

After-sale - Polygal will assist customers in assembling and installing their Polygal products. To arrange for on-site assistance, contact Polygal's Technical Support Department.