Windload Charts

In this section you will find information regarding wind loads and sheet deflection that should be taken into account when designing a covering. Use of the graph indicators is quick and easy, and is intended to provide information of a type generally acceptable in civil engineering. Each chart provides data for 3 different sheet widths with the maximum proportional deflection being 1:20 or 5% of the specific width.

The right-hand area, where the curves become more horizontal, measures specifically and only sheets clamped at 2 sides.

The left-hand area measures specifically sheets glazed in frames with supports perpendicular to the sheet ribs.

For structures built in areas with variance in meteorological conditions, the use of adequate safety factors is recommended in order to reduce risks.

Polygal states that this data and information in this section is given in good faith but only as basic technical support for engineers of various structures. In no way can this information be substituted for the responsibility and liability of the designing engineer of a structure as determined by law. The information pertains to the roofing material only and does not in any way determine the strengths required in a supporting structure or in various glazing systems.

Triple - Clip 16mm (5/8") Panel